Association of Chartered Engineers in Iceland (VFÍ).

Verkfræðingafélag Íslands was established in 1912. It is the labour and trade union of engineers in Iceland; both B.Sc. and M.Sc. engineers.

VFÍ's unique position lies in its ambitious and professional activity, along with representing and defending interests regarding wages and working conditions. Meetings, conferences and courses are all fixed events in VFÍ's activity.

VFÍ serves as an area of cooperation in the field of wages and working conditions, and is a driving force in improving the conditions. The association is a legal contracting party regarding wages and working conditions of its members. Salaried employees belong to VFÍ's Department of Wages and Working Conditions (Kjaradeild VFÍ), and there is also a Department of Managers and the Self-employed (Deild stjórnenda og sjálfstætt starfandi).

VFÍ regularly conducts salary surveys, and its legal service plays an important role in the Association's work. The Division Manager of wages and working conditions provides members with consultation and services, as well as carrying out special assignments for the association.

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Collective wage agreement

Between The Confereration of Icelandic Employers (Samtök Atvinnulífsins, SA) and VFÍ.
The agreement is the frame of reference for engineers in Iceland.  Collective wage agreement.

Know your rights and duties

We encourage all members to familiarise themselves with standard rights and responsibilities on the general Icelandic labour market.

Directorate of labour - Vinnumálastofnun Íslands.

Icelandic Labour Law.

Member fees

A fixed amount is paid annually, but not a proportion of salary.

Next year's member fees are determined during the annual general meeting.
Member fees for the year 2019 are ISK 44,400 - (ISK 3,700 - per month).

Members living abroad and young members, members that are studying fulltime and honorary members do not pay member fees. The same applies to members older than 70 years as well as retired members over 65 years of age.